About Us

Welcome to the Bridge Port Vocations site. I hope that I was able to provide you enough information on my website.


In the world of business and technology, Ashley has found her spot. She loves to write about and talk about all kinds of tech. Ashley is a student and an entrepreneur with lots of experience in different fields of entrepreneurship.

Among all of the things she likes to do, if you give her a camera, she will press record and shoot a documentary. You can find her in different galleries perfecting her art in black and white photography.

As a writer and an entrepreneur, she knows whom to turn to, who and when to hit the nail. Her right brain and Left brain act as a team in different situations while designing or creating different types of electronics.

Her clients respect her due to her dedication and creativity. Business people come to Bridge Port Vocation to find her inspirational thoughts about technology.

If you like to share something with the people who has a passion for writing. If you have questions, comments, and suggestions, please reach out to me.